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Delicious & Healthy

Flavors Southern Cooking was created to provide our customers with an eclectic experience. We provide the comfort food that everyone loves! Through our daily specials, our chefs have the creative freedom to bring a broad spectrum to cultural food. We always promise to show culinary growth and dedication to the craft. "Oh by the way, have you tried our Mac & Cheese?"

Cooking For and From the Heart

Long considered the anti-diet cuisine, soul food is back on the menu for the health-conscious! With our menu of 'lower-fat & calorie' southern recipes, you can now enjoy the savory comforts of crispy crab cakes, creamy grits, and tangy collard greens without blasting past your daily calorie goals. For a taste of our favorite recipes and some real & delicious, down-home cooking, visit Flavors Southern Cooking, the Soul Food headquarters of Chicago.

Meals To Go

Carry out our food to take home to friends and family, or check the availability of our catering services - how you enjoy Flavor's authentic soul food is entirely up to you. We offer different sets of southern food dishes every day of the week. Expect to taste something wonderfully different each time you visit. We serve our food fast and fresh - whether it be pork bbq ribs, baked chicken, fried catfish or beef short ribs, you're sure to get great tasting food without waiting a long time to get it. So, the next time you or someone you know is on the lookout for great food, fair prices and fast & friendly service; call it in ahead, or come in, to Flavors Southern Cooking Restaurant

Let Flavors Cater Your Event

Looking for the best caterer to ​plan your next event? ​Flavor's Catering is the answer to all ​of your party needs. ​Flavors team will help you design ​the perfect menu! Let Us Worry About the Details!​ Contact Jackie to place your order today!


From Lousiana to Arkansas, Mississippi to Alabama and straight through to Georgia - NOBODY Can Match Flavors in Chicago, Macaroni & Cheese.

We Don't Mean to Go In So Hard, But It Is What It Is - and That's What It Is - You Be The Judge. ALSO, Make sure to try the mashed potatoes covered with oxtail gravy. The chicken is made to order and takes about 15 minutes to fry. The meatloaf is huge! The fried pork chops are redic! FLAVORS, It's Amazing Soul Food.

Food For The Soul Can Be Healthy AND Delicious

We have something especially for you, everyday of the week.

About Flavors Southern Cooking

Meet The Chef

"Food is my passion - my art is creating delicious and surprising menus that will overwhelm the senses. My culinary background respects all cultures - So don't be surprised if you experience culinary dishes and FLAVORS from Italy to Jamaica - but always with a touch of soul!"

From the corridors of Corporate America, to the pantries of some of the most elite commercial kitchens, Jackie has mastered it all...and she's just getting started. A seasoned Sales Executive for a decade, Jackie has always had a knack for business, coupled with a flair for aesthetic style and the unforgettable orchestration of event coordination. Her chosen medium to express her creative muse has been the culinary arts and private and corporate event planning. Working for Fortune 500 corporations , Jackie discovered first-hand the successful nuances of professional catering in the high pressured environment of corporate America.

During a career transitional period while working as a Sales Executive, Jackie experienced an epiphany of sorts and a restaurateur was born. With a leap of faith, she left the security of her successful corporate career for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship in the risky and sometimes volatile arena of restaurant ownership to pursue her own dreams, and not those of others - unless of course you're fortunate enough to find yourself sitting in her kitchen.

Authentic Traditional Receipts

With the Flavors Southern Cooking Philosphy supporting Healthy, Fresh, and Delicious, yet affordable meals, we are excited to share that our menu features ingredients that are mostly "ORGANIC and ANTIBIOTIC and HORMONE FREE," with fresh, local ingredients upon season availability.

Flavors Southern Cooking prides herself with not only feeding your appetite, but also feeding your soul! The essence of Flavor Soul is to bring you contemporary soul food that has all the richness and authenticity of our culture, while also feeding your body inward and outward with healthy goodness. Our soul food is created with only the best ingredients. We only try to source the freshest seasonal fruits & vegetables, and organic meats, free of antibiotics and hormones from local farmers and community markets for our food. … so feed your soul, come visit Flavors Southern Cooking and taste the goodness!

Spotless USDA Certified Kitchen

Food safety and cleanliness are key ingredients to maintaining a healthy kitchen. The majority of food establishments in Chicago are subject to at least two unannounced inspections annually, according to Jackie, the owner and founder of Flavor." Besides the standards of the health department, I have my own very strengent kitchen standards. I was raised that way. My momma didn't tolorate a nasty kitchen because that was where she spent most of her time, expressing her love for her family - through years of delicious and memorable meals. My kitchen has to be clean and my food and ingredients must be fresh.

“I also think it’s important that restaurants be prepared to be transparent about what they’re doing,” Jackie said.., “ Even If a customer wanted to know how a restaurant fared in an inspection, that information should be readily available.”

We have a see-through kitchen area for that purpose.


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